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Nothing Grows in Comfort Zones

When was the last time you did something for the first time? I had a new experience recently, taking a writing class with Jennifer Louden, a best selling author. Reading about this in the Paris Review, I stepped out of my comfort zone and plunged in, head first. The setting: 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, CA. Named for the 1440 minutes in a day, 1440 is founded on the belief that each minute is a chance to connect with what truly matters—both within and around us.

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How A Gratitude Journal Kept Me Going

I was recently thinking back on a very low point in my cancer journey.  Every little undertaking seemed monumental.  Everyday things I took for granted that were performed with energy, enthusiasm and often with little effort, were now overwhelming.  My road to recovery was not a straightforward path, in fact there was nothing encouraging about it at all.  

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