Laurie MacCaskill was given a death sentence...more than once. Today, she can honestly say that her journey with pancreatic cancer has been a gift.

Laurie, known for her inspiring story Treatment on the Trail, takes audiences on her life-changing journey through an experience with one of the deadliest cancers that exist, pancreatic cancer. Her authentic and compassionate style have earned her praise from doctors, researchers, patients, caregivers and major organizations worldwide.

Laurie’s story provides a framework for others to redefine how they look at their own lives. Audiences leave feeling courageous, reinvigorated and ready to be their own advocate through individual adversities. 


Treatment on the Trail

Was a bike ride up a mountain the perfect setting that Laurie MacCaskill's doctor would have liked her cancer treatment to be administered? Probably not! But she felt that she was careful, conscientious and most importantly, living her life.

Watch as Laurie administers her own cancer treatment at 9,800 feet.


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Laurie’s Survivor storY 

“My story begins like so many others. In 1996, I suddenly experienced a very sharp, intense lightning bolt of pain throughout my entire body – almost as if a sword was being driven through me.”

How to Survive a Deadly Diagnosis

This inspiring speech brings audiences from laughter to tears as Laurie tells her life-changing story. Attendees leave with more than motivation. They are equipped with tools to help them thrive in the face of a deadly diagnosis.

Work with lauriE  

Laurie speaks nationwide to pharmaceutical companies, cancer patients and caregivers, healthcare professionals, organizations and regularly lobbies Congress.


Julie Fleshman, President & CEO, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

“Laurie is a gift to everyone who has the incredible opportunity to hear her speak. I can’t say enough about her innate style to engage and transform an audience. You will leave the experience a better person for having known and heard her tell her story.”