MOTIVATING audiences nationwide


Laurie MacCaskill Tells Her Pancreatic Cancer Story at 10th Annual AGI Hirshberg Symposium Panel 

Laurie MacCaskill motivates and inspires audiences by sharing her life-changing experience with cancer. Not just any cancer...pancreatic cancer. In 2006 when Laurie was diagnosed, 6% of pancreatic cancer patients lived 5 years, and 76% died within 12 months. 

As a survivor since 2006 and going strong, Laurie has developed a set of invaluable tools, which she shares with audiences nationwide. Whether it is lobbying members of Congress, presenting to professional organizations, appearing on talk shows like Dr. Oz, participating in pharmaceutical panels, or speaking to individuals facing any adversity, Laurie is able to educate and inspire in a way that changes lives long term.


who does laurie speak to?


pharmaceutical companies

Laurie speaks to pharmaceutical companies in an effort to help scientists better understand patient engagement and considerations that might be incorporated when designing drug treatments.


cancer patients & caregivers

Laurie speaks to cancer patients and caregivers about how awareness, a positive attitude, determination, grit and the right tools can help them thrive through their illness.


healthcare professionals

Laurie speaks to healthcare professionals about the practical wisdom and tools needed to support their patients’ whole selves through the cancer experience.


Professional Organizations & Corporations

Laurie speaks to professional organizations and corporations about the meaning and purpose behind their work.



Laurie speaks to Congress to lobby for increased research funding to support patients and caregivers across the country.