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Give More Than You Take

A recent dinner conversation inspired me to share these thoughts with you. Lovely friends, Kelly and Harry, had just returned from touring the house they were moving to in a few days. On several occasions, the owners graced them with detailed descriptions of the fabulous furniture, accessories and art that would now be in their new living space. The husband had previously regaled them with fascinating stories of the history and provenance of the priceless works of art – valuable antiques, a Baccarat chandelier, precious rugs, art dating back centuries – all museum quality. The wife would describe how these were acquired, the rarity and value, which in some ways, was daunting!

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Women Supporting Women, There's Nothing Better

I have struggled writing this blog, finding it impossible to finish a thought with tears welling up and at times, completely incapable of writing. I have a catalog of strong emotions when I think about my girlfriends and what they have given me. We know that a single event cannot only shape your life, but illuminate it. Being told I have pancreatic cancer did both of these for me. 

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