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Laurie MacCaskill is a true storyteller. She goes beyond her personal experience with cancer and assists the audience in creating their own stories. She describes a way of looking at the world in which one can focus on small victories, and how they are additive in changing the way you think about life.

When you book Laurie for your event, she will develop a personalized experience which relates directly to your audience. She will pull specific industry examples and real-world experiences, all delivered in her vulnerable and compassionate style.

Healing Beyond The Headlights: Finding A Clear Path To Success

When a medical diagnosis hits, many lives are changed forever, including the patient, caregivers, family and friends. The future may seem foggy and unclear. Those affected are feeling overwhelmed by medical appointments, statistics and confusing medical terminology. What’s needed at this stage are determination, grit and the right tools to move successfully through the process. This is where Laurie MacCaskill comes in.

Laurie received a death sentence 11 years ago. As a survivor of pancreatic cancer, a disease that kills 92% of patients within the first 12 months of diagnosis, Laurie has turned lemons into lemonade. Uncharacteristically vulnerable, engaging and inspiring, she teaches audience members the tools to move successfully through their health journey.

Through her personal life experiences, audience members will learn:

  • To be their own advocate
  • The importance of never, ever, ever giving up
  • That a healthy dose of denial can be a good thing
  • How to best access their support system
  • To stay organized amid the chaos

Ready to move beyond the confusion & clear a path to success? 

The New Normal: Navigating Change

When Laurie received the medical diagnosis: “You have pancreatic cancer,” many lives were changed forever, including Laurie’s, her caregivers, family and friends. Everyone was affected, and overwhelmed by medical appointments, treatment options, the daunting statistics and confusing medical terminology.

It’s similar to what businesses go through when there’s a major change event—from a merger, buy-out, or for the employees, the loss or change of their job. The feelings of being overwhelmed, not knowing the best course of action, or how to be strategic can be confusing and complicated.

Motivational speaker Laurie MacCaskill inspires audiences through her personal stories, which includes beating all odds as an 11-year pancreatic cancer survivor. Laurie delivers practical advice on how to trust your instincts, defining the new normal, and why to never give up.

Through her fierce passion, realism and emphatic wisdom, Laurie MacCaskill will teach your audience:

  • The value of choosing the right mindset
  • How to stay productive and focused in the toughest of circumstances
  • The importance of being your own advocate
  • What hope gave her in her journey, and
  • Accessing the best tools to thrive


Looking to reinvigorate your group & increase productivity through a major life change?

The 9%: small but mighty

91% of pancreatic cancer patients will die within five years of diagnosis, and over 50,000 adults are diagnosed each year. These statistics are horrible and terrifying. This speech is directed toward those facing an experience with pancreatic cancer, specifically. Since Laurie’s first diagnosis with pancreatic cancer in 2006, she has dedicated her life to surviving and inspiring others to do the same. Audience members will gain specific insight into the nuances of pancreatic cancer and how to be your own advocate through the experience.

Embrace the Attitude you Want


When going through a life-changing experience, like a disease, medical diagnosis or major life change, it can be easy to fall into hopelessness and despair. It’s of the utmost importance to remember, you have a choice! In this motivational speech, audiences learn how to choose their mindset, face challenges with hope, and access the tools they need to thrive. 

creating a path to reclaim your life

When facing a difficult situation, you can feel as though you’ve lost yourself. It’s important at times like these to focus on what brings you joy, and what makes you feel hopeful and strong. Laurie MacCaskill relates to audiences through her journey from absolute rock bottom, to building a solid foundation on which she reclaimed her life. Learn how to find yourself again!


be your own advocate

Laurie’s deeply personal and powerful story of pain, persistence, grit and perseverance helps audience members to better understand that while we can’t direct the wind, we can always adjust our sails.

Treatment on the trail

In 2009, Laurie MacCaskill administered her own cancer treatment while on a bike ride thousands of feet up a mountain. She has broken down barriers, which have historically limited cancer patients from living their life. Laurie’s perspective gives audience members a new outlook on uncovering hidden expectations and assumptions that may dictate your time - and if you’re not careful, your entire life.

Be more than a consumer, more than the sum of your daily obligations and duties. Learn how to make something of yourself, and make something WITH yourself. Laurie has the experience and perspective to appreciate the value of her own joy. Cancer changed the lens through which she views life. She savors the experience of living in the moment, and you can too.

a gift that keeps on giving

Laurie teaches audiences how to celebrate even small achievements and exhaust yourself in glorious pursuits of life. Find life experiences and swallow them whole! Living in the moment will allow you to have courage in your convictions, take risks, live passionately and live in the now.

learn to live in the moment

Laurie will share with you how she overcame a journey so frightening, scary and unpredictable and was able to turn it into something manageable, informative and hopeful for herself and for others. The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life. It provides human beings with a sense of destination and the energy to get started.

never, ever, ever give up